In February 2012, harm-ed – in conjunction with the University of Central Lancashire – hosted a major national conference, “Recovery and self-harm: maximising hope; minimising harm”. This groundbreaking event brought together the leading UK speakers, academics, practitioners, activists – and performers – and the field of self-harm It was a day of unparalled importance.

harm-ed  delivered the opening speeches at the international conference of the Association for Protection against Psychiatric Violence in Berlin on September 3rd 2011

harm-ed also presented and facilitated workshops at  a series of conferences

“Self-Harm and safety in the criminal justice system”, in London on May 17th 2012

“Self-harm: developing a better understanding for professionals” in Glasgow on May 19th 2011

Guild Lodge/LCFT conference in Preston on June 13th 2011

Manchester women’s conference: “promoting mental health and wellbeing for mothers and families” in Manchester on June 24th 2011

“Minimising self-harm: preventing suicide” in Cardiff on June 30th 2011


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“Beyond Fear and Control”,  is one of the newest and most innovative books on self-harm, available from April 2007, edited by Sam Warner and Helen Spandler and published by PCCS Books. It brings together practitioners, activists and service users from a wide range of service contexts who have developed new and innovative ways of effectively supporting young people who self-harm. Authors include Louise Pembroke, Vera Martins, Eamon Kirk – and harm-ed’s own Terri Shaw who has co-authored the opening chapter, “A Dialogue of Hope and Survival”, which draws from experience, research and theory to discuss the user and carer experience of self-harm; service responses to self-harm; and harm-minimisation practice.



Watch out for the next groundbreaking book edited by Louise Pembroke, bringing together writing from leading practitioners and activists on the issue of harm-minimsation. Chapters address issues such as “Practical harm-minimisation – imparting the basics to service users”, as well as other practical, legal and ethical aspects of harm-minimisation. Terri Shaw will be writing about her research with mental health nurses and service users on the issue of harm-minimisation in inpatient settings.