Sources of support

Sources of support


Bristol Crisis Service for Women

Helpline 0117 925 1119

Fri & Sat 9pm-12.30am, Sun 6pm-9pm


08457 909090 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Domestic Violence Helpline

0808 2000 247

A Home Office helpline run by Women’s Aid and Refuge

Mind Infoline

08457660163 9.15-5.15 every day

offering information on where to get support, treatments, advocacy etc.

Downloadable Resources

harm-ed, with the permission and support of Louise Pembroke, are delighted to be able to offer the following resources free-of-charge. You can download them in full by clicking on each option.

Dace, E (1998) The Hurt Yourself Less Workbook, National Self Harm Network

A practical resource, written by people who self-harm for people who self-harm, with information, exercises and strategies designed to reduce risk and promote safety when self-harming.

National Self Harm Network (2000) Cutting the Risk: self-harm, self-care and risk-reduction National Self-Harm Network, UK

Of central importance in the history of harm-minimisation for self-harm, this resource is full of practical information to support people who self-harm to keep themselves safe when self-harming.

Pembroke, L (1994)  “Self-Harm: Perspectives from Personal Experience”. An important resource for anyone who wants to understand self-harm, exploring the varied experiences of people who self-harm – in their own words.

National Self-Harm Network leaflets (1).  National Self-Harm Network leaflets (2):  A range of leaflets for people who self-harm and the people who support them, written by Louise Pembroke, Andy Smith and other leading experts-by-experience.

Pembroke, L (1992) “Eating Distress: Perspectives from Personal Experience” Eating distress described in the words of  who live with it.


Young People and Self-Harm Information Resource, by the National Children’s Bureau

Resources compiled by individual. Includes ways of coping and personal tips.

Info on self-harm, coping skills and personal stories, often linking to other sites.

Self Injury And Related Issues is an information site maintained by a counsellor and trainer.

A survivor led organisation with a range of information about self-harm.

The Basement Project provides information and publications about self-injury.

Self Harm Sanctuary: a survivor-led resource with information and mediated support forums. Includes useful information on harm-minimisation techniques.

Rape Crisis: for details of the nearest service to you check out this web page.