Harm-Ed. Self Harm Awareness Training & Consultancy - How can harm-ed training help?Responses to self-harm are characterised by uncertainty, inconsistency and anxiety, worsened by a lack of agreement about the correct approach to take, and an absence of guidelines and approaches. Staff report that they often feel unsupported and ill-equipped to deal with this difficult and demanding issue. In the absence of training, information and guidance, services are unable to meet their full potential in working helpfully with self-harm. The cost may be measured in both human and financial terms.

If people are not supported adequately at the point of need, this leads to increased distress, and increased support needs. In addition, staff experience the stress and frustration of not feeling able to work supportively with the people who access their services. Self-harm training can enable staff to feel confident and informed in their practice and leads to a more helpful and supportive service for people who self-harm.

“I really enjoyed the training yesterday and found it very useful” (Teacher, March 22nd 2016)

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