In March 2014, Lancashire County Council commissioned us to deliver a series of 15 training courses on the subject of ‘children and young people who self-harm to their children and young people workforce. As a result of the demand for places on this course, we were recommissioned to deliver an additional 10 courses between Sept 2014 and March 2015.

These courses have evaluated really well and we have received some extremely positive feedback from participants who have attended the training which is obviously  very rewarding to us as an organisation and as individual trainers. All of us here at Harm-ed are all really committed to the work we do in promoting awareness and understanding around self-harm with the end goal being for people who self-harm to have a much better experience within the services they access.

We are therefore really excited to have now been asked by Lancashire County Council to conduct an ‘impact assessment’ with participants who attended the initial series of courses. This will entail speaking to participants to find out how the knowledge gained on the course has translated into practice e.g. have there been any changes in practice or service provision regarding the support they offer to children and young people within there service. The results of this survey will be ready in March 2015 so we will be sure to let you know what transpires.