I became interested in delivering specialist training following years of personal experience with self-harm and mental ill health. I have a keen desire to bring about change and I am driven and motivated to do so.

Throughout many years (over a decade) of being in the mental health system I have been met with a lot of misjudgements surrounding my illness of Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder and my means of coping. This lack of understanding, empathy and compassion no doubt has hindered my progress in many ways. Thus, I believe sharing lived experience in an effective way of specialised training can change perspectives and outlooks on these issues to ultimately benefit the most vulnerable in society.

I am currently studying for a BSc Hons degree in Psychology, and I am a service user representative for the Northern Ireland Personality Disorder Network. I am also chairperson of a mental health campaign in my university, which has enabled me to raise more awareness in our society.