Self Injury Support (formerly BCSW) -Self-injury/ self-harm support for women and girls – helpline, information and training. Telephone, email and text support, leaflets, publications and training.

 National Self Harm Network – survivor-led group, includes support forum and resources

Basement Project – support, resources, publications

Free from Harm – a user-led site offering information and support, from a Christian perspective

Young People and Self-Harm – information for young people who self-harm, including sources of support, links and local services

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood – includes forum and publications

Hearing Voices Network – information, support and understanding for people who voices and those who support them

National Centre for Eating Disorders – information, self-help, training, couselling www.eating-disorders/org/uk

for a short video on the links between eating disorders, OCD and self-harm:


Harm-Ed. Self Harm Awareness Training & Consultancy

Harm-Ed. Self Harm Awareness Training & Consultancy